The Story



A facility designed around movement. A team connected and driven by passion. A tribe of students transforming their physique by forever evolving their body and minds.

Primefit was created by a team of passionate coaches with a clear and direct mission; providing our community the highest quality in personal and focus group training. Welcome to our movement laboratory, where we connect to our primal kinesthetics.

Together, we are prime.



1130 E. Colorado St. Glendale, CA 91205


5am – 10pm Weekdays
6am – 8pm Weekends



  • Battle Ropes & Pulleys

  • Suspended Ropes

  • Barbells & Bumper Plates

  • Free Weights

  • GHD

  • Step Benches

  • Yoga Mats & Blocks

  • Resistance Sleds

  • Gymnastics Rings

  • Rows,Skis,Assault-Bike

  • Male/Female Locker Rooms

  • Showers & Towels

  • Premium Toiletries